Openhearted Again in the Middle of our Story


As you may have noticed my website and blog were on an extended hiatus. There are a number of reasons for that, but. it’s back now and it’s new and improved. I want to share again what this whole thing is about.

I’m excited to be writing again. So much good comes from it for me and I pray for you. Please check it out. One of the changes I made to the site was to reconnect, but really to reconceive, my purpose for this venue.

I will be posting about once a week and promoting the blog post mainly through my network on Facebook. If you read something that stirs you or to which you relate, I hope you will re-share it so others in your network can benefit. This is the new website description.

I write stories, vignettes really. I write them because they open my heart. I write them because they invite me to make sense of my life. I write them because they slow down my frenetic pace and reconnect me. I also write stories that reflect on things that catch my interest: from funny things to emotionally painful things; but in every case it’s something real, honest, true.
      I'm at a point in my life when I don’t want to be disconnected anymore. For far too long I’ve been removed, from myself, from others, from God. I want to have an open heart to the whole of real life – the traumatic, the mundane, the hilarious. I want to see. I want an open heart to receive God’s redemption here and now.
     I have found, though, an open heart is extremely elusive. It’s darn near impossible in fact unless you are really intentional. There are so many obstacles; so much harm. So much regret. So much shame. So much accusation and self-contempt. And so little time.
     Without apology then this avenue is first for me. I need to tell myself vulnerable, honest, and hard stories. I need clear eyes. I need to slow down enough to pay attention and attune to what is around me. I need to be present.
     But I write stories for you too. I hope you will read them. And I hope in reading them you too will courageously venture to tell your own stories to be be present, attuned and honest about what you see around you.
Facing your stories is life changing but it's hard work.
    I pray we experience an open heart in the middle of our life story.

You’ll find me a