Miracle at St Mary’s?


We have two dog leashes. My personal favorite is retractable. The kind where the dog can immediately forget they’re on one freely sniffing everything for 18 feet when they are jolted back to the reality of their captivity. I bought the leash on Amazon for $20.

My favorite leash is for large dogs. Holly our 8-month-old Golden qualifies for being large even if she’s a puppy. The leash is heavy duty and its lead is half-inch wide nylon. I am mentioning my leash because Holly and I walk and run a lot. I love it

There’s a park hear our house. It’s St. Mary’s Park. It’s a great park. The park has signage posted around stating if you are caught not picking up your dog’s poo, you’ll be fined. I don’t remember exactly how much the fine is, but it’s not only $50. For me the fear a fine for not cleaning up poo is. . .well. . . intense.

I never used to think about a dog’s poo. Now I think about it daily. So, to avoid a fine one must carry an ingenious invention called a poop bag. I don’t think that’s the official name though.

Now that you have this information, you will better understand why I am tempted to call the event a miracle.

One afternoon – a week or so back – I took Holly on one of our regular walks in St Mary’s park. I did not realize I did not have a poo bag until Holly took her “position.” I did not want to be caught fleeing the scene of the crime so to speak. So, I did what good Christians do. I prayed to Jesus: “Jesus help me! Rain from heaven a poop bag. Please!”

Seriously, all kidding aside, I did pray however foolish or childish. And then it happened. A miracle took place.

Not 30 seconds after I prayed, I see a bag being carried by wind. (I’m not making this up.) The bag was caught up by the wind going up then down left then right. As I’m watching this bag its literally descending. I laugh. It’s crazy, even silly. I was concerned about the rule and I prayed. I’m not about to make a judgment on this being from Jesus or not. My faith is not strong enough to claim anything . But it is funny story. I do wonder how that bag just happened to be in the right place at exactly the right time.

A candy bag.
A candy bag that belonged in the trash
A candy bag that belonged in the trash perfectly shaped for scooping dog poo.
A candy bag that belonged in the trash perfectly shaped for scooping dog poo descending in the breeze.

Manna from heaven?